Creative Trashback terms of service

By clicking “Trash it!” I agree that this is my own trash and that I’m not some kind of pervert giving away other peoples stuff. I also agree to be a free soul and an awesome human being for letting other creatives recycle my trash.


Note: You should get credit for the things you make, even if it’s crap. Type in your name/your company to get the recognition you deserve (optional).


We are not looking for lions or chickens or whatever you call your award winning work. It’s the trash we want. Really!

Household Trash

(jpeg, pdf, png, bmp)

Industrial Trash

(pdf, psd, ai, indd, eps, ps) Max 25mb

Hazardous Trash

(mov, mp3, wav) Max 50mb

This type of trash must be handled with care and will appear on the dump in a few days.