It is now time to take recycling to a whole new level and recycle things that haven’t

even been made.


Think about all the creativity that disappears every single day, like ideas that never

make it out of the sketchbook, or your head for that matter. Or all the pictures that

disappear because you delete them the second after you flicked them, just because they were slightly out of focus or because someone winked. What about all the refused articles, poems and novels that end up in the bin or hidden somewhere on your computer?


We believe that creativity can save the world and that the solution to some of our

greatest challenges exists somewhere out there, in a bin. These are creative solutions

that have been lost because we have become so self-conscious and afraid to share things that aren’t a 100% perfect or under control.


How boring is that!?


Creative Trashback is the world’s first interactive dump. You can recycle your creative trash or look through the garbage of some of the worlds most creative. If you find something nice, funny, stupid, ugly and odd or something inspiring; recycle it! Add stuff, mix it up and bring it back to life.


You can upload trash directly to our recycling station or download our handy desktop app.


Who knows? Maybe your scrapped ideas turn out to be gold after all.